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Best Rapper in Detroit Michigan 2016

Best Rapper in Detroit Michigan 2016

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Detroit Rappers 2016

So…Who is the Best Rapper in Detroit, Michigan? Glad you asked, i would consider myself a solid source to speak on this matter, in fact- i view myself as a Hip-Hop connoisseur, since i was fourteen i have been immersed in the Hip-Hop & Rap scene. Do you remember, the jazzy drummed out tracks from the talented group A Tribe Called Quest or when unlaced Adidas and baggy jeans were the jam! Well, now are jeans are hemmed up and are Hip-Hop & Rap tracks are laced with hypnotic electronic notes that really allow you to get lost in the artists world.
a tribe called quest2016 Detroit rappersWhich, i feel is a progressive change in the industry, allowing the gritty bars to be received to a new audience through melodious creations. Now to respectfully name the Best Rapper of 2016’s Detroit, Michigan, an artist has to tastefully blend the roots of 1970’s jazzy Hip-Hop with a hypnotic sound kit of today to be appreciated by the modern listener. Just as, we cannot metaphorically & physically live without a heart- a truly tremendous song & rapper cannot live without expressing emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.

Detroit rapper 2016Last, before i go into naming the Best Rapper of Detroit, Michigan’s 2016, i want to pay respect to the Great Rappers of Detroit (not in any particular order): Eminem, Proof, Obie Trice, Trick Trick, Esham, D12, Royce da 5’9″, J Dilla, and Big Sean. Now, i am not saying the above artists are not talented musicians because they are all masters of their dojo but i have found a new talented Detroit native that is destine to take hold of the Detroit Rap Game. This guy is a symphonic schizophrenic, who will keep your mental rhyme processor on a frantic feeding frenzy fueled by finely written bars. His name is David Bogard, you’ll have to keep your eye on him because his day-to-day life is as entertaining as his music; so make sure you subscribe to his YouTube ChannelWhen i first heard David’s music, i was surprised because the witty playful double entendres took me to a world i didn’t know David knew. 

Detroit rapper 2016Yes, i am respectfully naming David Bogard Best New Rapper of Detroit, Michigan’s 2016. Don’t be fooled, even though he may presently lack the mainstream exposure, David is destine to win the hearts of Hip-Hop & Rap fans just like myself. Keep it true with yourself everyone & thank you for reading, i will attach David Bogard’s music below; be sure to enjoy it!

Detroit rapper 2016

David Bogard – Detroit, Michigan

Top Three Songs: Album Coming Soon.

1.Too Obtuse-(Heathens Suicide Squad Remix)

2.Narcissistic Pacifist

3.Wayward on Woodward 

Article by: Caesar Wolf    The pineapple social

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