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#1 new alternative hip-hop artist of 2017

#1 new alternative hip-hop artist of 2017

Alternative hip-hop music redefined

Generation You

Malcolm X once said; “The Future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Fast forwarding to today, i am here to give you the fortune teller reading on the alternative hip-hop artist to watch for in 2017. This guy is a symphonic schizophrenic, after each melodic mash up of hypnotic kits and lyrical distinction you are lunging for the repeat button. With a persona as paradoxical as his positive spin on decayed Detroit, this alternative hip-hop artist is a gallant gentleman gifting his music to us via his YouTube Channel. Enough with the suspense right? Our 2017 alternative hip-hop artist to watch for is…David Bogard. 

detroit house

 With the Detroit fight in his bones’, lyrically Dave is taking a new approach when creating his Music. Authentically, producing an alternative hip-hop sound grounded to the Go-Getter Millennial. I say millennials’ because he speaks for that little voice inside you that questions your every move…for instance, these lyrics are from verse-2 in his song Too Obtuse- (Heathens Suicide Squad Remix)  

Look into my soul and tell me just what you see, cause
I’ve been having trouble seeing me in the mirror
I’ve been having trouble tryna shake off this dream where I can’t make-believe and I’m not who I see,
I get lost
in a sea of blue eyes,
fickle and flippant with frivolous fears,
Tryna realize tryna me cope with life
Tryna make it right with inside,
Tryna gain control and take back the power to decide what’s right for my life,
pretending you’re happy is almost worse then feeling misery
And I’ve been held back from the sins in me,
But no longer will i fear when I feed the beast,
Never will I ever surrender to your endeavors, you can take all your lies and leave, kapeesh?”

woodward ave sign

Keep your eyes open for David Bogard in 2017 and his upcoming album Wayward on WoodwardThank you for your time, i enjoyed sharing with you, and in the future if you know any talented artists’ in search for an audience please send them my way. 

Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it. -Sai Baba.

Article by Caesar Wolf.

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